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The Inter-University Pole Dance Championships (IUPDC) is the UKs leading national championship series for University Pole Societies.

IUPDC seeks to promote fair and safe competition, supporting students to compete at the most appropriate level for their ability... See More


Rules of Entry

• Competitors must be current students (no alumni) and hold a valid student number.

• Competitors can only enter 1 solo division but may enter a solo and the group category...
... See More


Judging Criteria

The Inter-University Pole Championship judging criteria has been created by and is governed by the National University Pole Association.

The criteria below outlines the categories that each competitor will be scored on. All competitors will be scored out of 50; with up to 10 points available in each of the 5 categories. These are... See More


Divisional Guidance

IUPDC has historically used the PDC Syllabus to define divisions and determine allowed tricks, however we recognize that this syllabus is not exhaustive nor designed for this purpose and can place unhelpful limitations on competitors.

Therefore as of this year we recommend using PDC Syllabus as a guideline for... See More



Let us know if you have any questions at enquiries@iupdc.org

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